The Master Class

Feel like one last sweet treat to farewell Easter?

Try listening to my short story, The Master Class, read by Holly Myers, as part of Quart Short Literary Reading Nights.

Something is not quite right at this bakery…



Conversation Overheard on Bus

‘I buyed it,’ said Little Girl.

‘No you didn’t, he gave it to you,’ said Mother.

‘But I buyed it!’

‘No, sweetie, he gave it to you.’

‘No, Mummy, I’m playing…’

‘Oh I see, it’s a game.’

‘I buyed it.’

‘But do we say buyed it or bought it?’

‘We say I did buy it.’

‘I bought it.’

‘I did bought it.’

‘Well – it’s tricky isn’t it?’

‘Tricky for mums!’


A Challenge

Eavesdrop and share your own piece of magic dialogue…