Dispatch from a Pandemic: Brisbane, Australia” by Another Chicago Magazine May 2020

‘The Head Hunter’, reprinted in Blast Off by The School Magazine, April 2019

Flash fiction piece in Medusa’s Laugh Press μtxt 3 anthology Jan 2018

Two poems, Blood Moon and The Shepherd’s Wife, published by the 4th Floor literary journal, November 2017

‘Roots’ and ‘Falling into Sky’ performed by Quart Short Literary Reading Nights, April 2017

‘Falling into Sky’ read by myself at Salon REaD, 2017

‘The Master Class’ performed by Quart Short Literary Reading Nights, January 2017

‘Falling into Sky’ by the 4th Floor literary journal, 2016

‘The Head Hunter’, in Blast Off by The School Magazine, June 2014

Feature poet in a fine line, the literary magazine for the New Zealand Poetry Society, 2014

‘Eavesdropping on Half-Moon Bay’, Finalist in Bayside Writing Competition, 2014

‘It’s Rosemary Anderson!’ The 4th Floor literary journal, 2013

‘Swatting Poetry’, Darker Times Fiction, 2012