Always Bring the Pants

He could only wear pants from his homeland; only Dutch pants moulded to his slim, tall frame. But he lived in Australia, so when his parents and sister visited they always brought at least three pairs with them. When he visited Holland, he purchased pants while there, too.

His sister wondered, if they stopped bringing pants would he visit Holland more often? So the next time his family flew over, they brought no pants.

But this only made him angry – how could they come all the way to Australia from Holland without bringing pants?

Offended by the anger, his family stopped visiting Australia, that way they had an excuse for the not-bringing of pants, and he had even more reason to visit them there.

Enraged by the lack of pants and the lack of visits to Australia, he stopped visiting Holland – stopped visiting places altogether – and instead sat at home, alone and pantless; while his family remained in Holland, not alone, wearing pants and with so many more styles to choose from.

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